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All we have is now


This week sucks. Planned to see several very close friends who I’ll either A) never see again, or B) not for over a year and now I’m seeing a fantastic total of none. I can’t post on Facebook because I have a solid reputation as someone who doesn’t vent bullshit on FB, but I need to get this typed out and don’t really care who sees it on tumblr.  SGJERGHWAESGKNREWBNWESKBGWESGHewrvgiesvbgevbgwheg.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is that expectations cause disappointment. Apologies for the mopey text post. I’ll delete it soon enough.



Flappy Bird simulator

We’ve gone too far

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when one of my posts gets more than 5 notes


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"dinner is ready"


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*looks into crystal ball*

i can see that ur a lil bitch

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I would take a bullet for garlic bread

who would shoot a garlic bread

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why are penises called “members”? what are they members of???? i want to join

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I was really shocked to see that Tim Burton had chosen Johnny Depp to star in his next film

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tumblr gets a lot more fun when you stop taking your blog and notes and followers so seriously and you just do what you want and not care if people dont like it

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